Professional Courses


  1. Individual live project from industry, along with studies
  2. Expert training sessions on safety
  3. Expert training sessions on Project management
  4. Tutorials on development of presentation skills and grooming
  5. Assistance to prepare you for the industry interviews
  6. Learning in good Manufacturing practices, Validation and Calibration.
  7. Specialized course sessions focused on Industry standards & codes (ASME, API, British std etc.)

Additional Services :-

  1. Customized training professionals for industry professional and corporates
  2. Special training program and sessions by industry experts for Engineering Institutes
  3. Professional services in form of engineering consultancy, troubleshooting assistance, consultancy for energy & cost reduction exercises, process simulation & optimization, plant layout drawing & design, different type of piping G.A., heat exchanger design, etc…
  4. Placement Assistance